Future Planning

Short Range Planning

Sumner Special Housing, Inc. (SSHI) will continue to provide and improve the ongoing networking events/programs that are proven successful and that are beneficial to the mission and success of the corporation.

Expand SSHI services of providing homes-transportation and services to our clients and improve the physical condition of our group homes.

Strengthen SSHI’s financial building reserves to provide persons with developmental disabilities, with residential homes whom would otherwise be institutionalized or forced to live at home without the proper services and care.

Long Range Planning

Accelerate the grants request to Knights of Columbus Councils, foundations, corporations, and individual contributions to fund our projects of erecting new homes and services.

Insure that SSHI continues to be financially solvent and utilizes the corporation funds in a prudent manner and for the financial support of our clients with developmental disabilities.

In order to build homes at a reasonable cost, serve as many people with developmental disabilities as possible and make operation of homes financially feasible, utilize existing assisted living plans and use contributed sites, material, and labor.

Participate with and provide information with local Knights of Columbus Councils, The MR Foundation of Tennessee, Inc., Habilitation and Training Services of Gallatin, Tennessee, as necessary to coordinate and meet mutual obligations to comply with the laws, rules and regulations of all local, state, and federal authorities having jurisdiction in the programs and facilities described herein.road