Code of Ethics

Sumner Special Housing, Inc. (SSHI), expects that the Directors, Officers, and employees will fully observe the rules expected of professional, business, and fraternal people of honor and probity. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such rules require that the Directors, Officers and employees of SSHI will not:

  1. Have any material interest or affiliation, which is, or likely to conflict with their official duties.
  2. Have, or any family member have, any financial connection of any kind with any business entity or individual that provides goods or services to SSHI.
  3. Represent SSHI in any negotiations or business dealings with any person or business entity in which they or a family member have any financial interest or investment.
  4. Knowingly compete with SSHI in the disposition or sales of any property or in any manner that might be to the detriment of SSHI.
  5. Accept Gifts or Articles of value from persons or business entities that provide goods or services to SSHI.
  6. Derive any personal financial benefit by use of any property or privileges belonging to SSHI unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors of SSHI.
  7. Hire any family member to accomplish any contracting, public relations, employment or other duties for the performance of SSHI.
  8. Be an Officer or Director on any Board, which is the direct beneficiary of or is represented by the SSHI, unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors of SSHI.
  9. Fail to disclose to the Directors and/or Officers of SSHI any conflict of interest that may arise between themselves and the SSHI.
  10. Fail to obey all rules and laws of the Knights of Columbus or fail to notify SSHI of forfeiture of good standing in the Order unless an employee is not a member of the Order.

Adopted by the Board of Directors of the Sumner Special Housing, Inc. on October 15, 2001.