Sumner Special Housing, Inc.’s Mission

The specific and primary purpose for which Sumner Special Housing, Inc. (SSHI) is organized and the general aims and objectives of the corporation are to provide people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities, with housing facilities located in Sumner County, Tennessee, and to foster, develop, promote, and operate services and programs designed to meet their physical, social, and psychological needs; and to promote their health, security, happiness, and usefulness in living longer productive lives. Charges for such facilities and services are predicated upon the provisions, maintenance, and operation thereof on a non-profit basis.

Sumner Special Housing, Inc.’s History

SSHI was incorporated in the State of Tennessee, January 15, 1998 and received exemption from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c) 3. The corporation is organized to engage in any activity, and to exercise any and all powers under this act. The corporation shall have the right to buy, build, hold, sell, or convey property, both real and personal, for the conduct of its affairs and the furtherance of its objectives. The principal office of the corporation shall be located at: 115 Shivel Hendersonville, Tennessee. Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation are on file with the Secretary of State. Board of Directors administers the business affairs of this corporation and serves with no compensation as do all elected officers. There are no paid employees. Board of Directors consist of not less than nine (9) and not greater than fifteen (15), voting directors and not more than five (5) ex-officio non-voting directors, as nominated by Knights of Columbus Councils #9132 Hendersonville and #10010 Gallatin. SSHI Directors serve for a term of three (3) years with staggered terms and Officers serve for one (1) year, subject to re-election, with no term limits.

Sumner Special Housing, Inc. currently operates three MR Group Homes in Sumner County Tennessee, all of which are for people with developmental disabilities. SSHI received the first residential home, located in Gallatin, Tennessee, on January 17, 1998 under a full grant of $125,000 from The MR Foundation of Tennessee, Inc. The second home was received from Partners, a non-profit corporation, through contribution with mortgage consideration, on May 30, 2003 and is located in Portland, Tennessee. The third home, located in Gallatin, Tennessee, was built with contributed monetary funds, material, land, and labor and was completed October 25, 2003. All homes are under operational contract with Habilitation and Training Services of Gallatin, Tennessee. The MR Home is perpetually maintained through grant request from The MR Foundation of Tennessee, Inc. and other individual corporation grants and contributions.